Instagram: Share Phone Photos with Friends, In the Moment

We’ll never stop <3ing our DSLR, polaroids, or film cams. But it's our camera phone that's always with us. Like when we spotted a pug trotting down the street sporting goggles or that guy unicycling up the steepest hill of all time. Enter Instagram. Not just another camera app or more filters for your pix. Instagram is THE way to share the fleeting moments of your life.

What makes it different? It’s simple and fast. Take a photo, choose a filter (optional), you’re done. It uploads automatically.

Or tap the feed and see all your friends’ everyday lives through their eyes in about 20 seconds. The lack of editing + the immediacy of phone photography makes the experience raw, addicting, and kind of magical. In short, Instagram is what the camera phone was made for.

Download it, then peep our getting started guide (with help from Kevin Systrom, co-founder of Instagram) for who to follow and the best tips for Instagram.

Our Instagram Tips and Best Users to Follow

p.s. Yes, it’s iPhone-only, but versions for other phones are in the works! (Let ’em know you want them.)

p.p.s. Today only, we’re running the 1st-ever Instagram photo contest on Instagram! Follow Photojojo to learn more!

Why we love Instagram:


  • It’s a real time, photographic glimpse into our friend’s lives that we’ve never quite had before.
  • Phone-ography taken to the next level; having an audience = thoughtful and creative phone photos.
  • Simple format means no frills, just photos.
  • Option to keep our photo filter-free is perfect for when we’re in a purist mood.
  • 11 free filters and a square format frame will never let us forget our analog roots.
  • Joining this rapidly growing community at its very beginnings makes us feel special!
  • All kinds of fun and creativity yet to be had with this app; see our tips below.
  • If you’re just getting started on Instagram, we’ll show you who to follow and all of the awesome ways to play with it!

    Who to Follow

    before (AKA these guys have amazing photo streams!)

    Click handle names that are linked to see Instagram photos from a specific user.

    To find people from our list on Instagram, go to “Profile,” then “Find friends.” There, you’ll be able to search for and follow these noteworthy Instagram users!



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    Take Your Instagram Photos Further:


    • 365 project: Post one great photo a day for 365 days. Challenge yourself!
    • Pre-edit your photos in other apps, like Camerabag or Photoshop; create diptychs, triptychs, add text – endless possibilities here.
    • Play theme games with friends; set a theme for the day (example: Things that start with the letter H). Watch your friends’ progress throughout the day.
    • Use our cell phone lenses for fish-eye, wide-angle, and macro pics. Your photos will stand out, for sure!
    • Upload photos taken with other cameras besides your phone for a fun mixture of hi- and lo-fi.
    • Post something other than photos. Some people have been posting text as notepad screenshot. This has us thinking of other kinds of images we can post (like design!).
    • Use screenshots to run your photo through Instagram filters multiple times to overlap filters or to intensify a single filter.
    • Play a photo scavenger hunt with friends; watch your stream to see who’s winning.
    • Don’t have friends on Instagram yet? Post your photos to Twitter, Tumblr, or Facebook to show them how epic it is!
    • If you’re looking to connect with users who you don’t know, follow them, and they’ll usually follow you back. (Try our list above or check the “Popular” section).

    Photo credit: Jory on Flickr (bike lane, slides, kids at pool photos), Takeshi Kimi (office building photo), and Simplebits (green door photo).