Incognito Magazine Holders

If celebrity gossip, comic books or certain shades of monochrome are higher on your reading list than classic literature, no need to feel bad. Just grab your camera and library card and listen up!

In a few quick steps we will show you how to use your photography skillz to hide your favorite (if slightly embarrassing) reads in plain sight.

These photo magazine/book holders will make your shelf look perfectly respectable while your secrets are still just a quick reach away.

Go put on your dark coat and sunglasses – we are going undercover!

Learn How to Make Your Own Incognito Magazine Holders


Incognito Magazine Holders will keep your guilty pleasure on the down low while your friends think you are well read.

As a bonus, your shelf will look tidy and you can start using the cleared room under your bed for more important stuff.



  • Plain Cardboard Magazine Holder
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • A Camera or Camera Phone
  • A Selection of Your Most Respectable Books
  • Printer
  • Photo Paper

STEP 1: Photograph and Print

beforeArrange your books, photograph the spines and print at a life size scale on matte photo paper.

Keep in mind, we want people to think these are the real deal.

STEP 2: Cut

beforeNeatly cut out the photos of your book spines. Make them the same width as your magazine holder.

STEP 3: Tape

beforeStick a strip of double sided tape around the edges of the back of your photo.

STEP 4: Stick

beforeRemove the protective layer from double sided tape and stick down your photos at the bottom of the tall side of your magazine holder.

Presto. Hide-o. Your secrets have disappeared!

Taking It Further


  • Photograph the front of a book and stick it on the side of the magazine holder (in case someone peeks around there)
  • Hide cake in the fridge by photographing veggies and sticking it on a container
  • For another look, photograph books that are stacked horizontally, then divide up between 2 or 3 magazine holders placed next to each other on the shelf