How to Take Photos of Super Cute Couples

Store shelves are lined with teddy bears, hearts, and a lot of pink stuff. Valentine’s Day is right around the corner!

And with V-Day comes many happy couples whose adorableness is just begging to be captured on camera for all to see and “squee!” over.

Photographing all those pretty pairs of people can be a tad awkward though, so we’ve put together our very best tips to help make the process fun and pain free!

Read on and you’ll be capturing memories sweeter than a heart-shaped box of chocolate.

4 Tips for Photographing Couples

1. Have ’em Relax


On-camera jitters sometimes result in people looking stiff. So start the shoot off by ditching the poses and instead have your couple just chillax together. This way they’ll get used to the camera and be better prepared for the more pose-y shots later.

Ask them questions (remind them to look at each other when they answer!) such as, “How did you two meet?” and “Do you know each other’s favorite TV shows, colors, etc?” Have the couple tell each other jokes to illicit plenty of laughs and natural smiles.

The key here is to give the illusion of a candid shot. You’ll get photos of the couple looking relaxed, resulting in more genuine-looking body language and therefore more genuine-looking shots!

2. Be Prepared with Ideas


Sometimes the couple will know just how they want their portraits to look, but other times they’ll look to you for direction. This can be a little scary if you’re not prepared, so have ideas ready beforehand and avoid any thumb-twiddling!

Speak with your models before the shoot and ask them what kind of shots they’re looking for. Serious? Silly? Do they want to include furry friends or props like chalk boards? If they’re hurtin’ for inspiration, point them in the direction of sites like Pinterest.

All this info will help you plan poses and give you a better idea of what kind of atmosphere you need to create. For example, if the couple wants colorful props then you can give them balloons to hold or rainbow confetti to throw. Whee!

3. Get Close, then Zoom Out


It may be tempting to only focus on the couple’s faces as they stare adoringly into each other’s eyes, but don’t forget to capture both the little details and the bigger picture, too!

Hone in on their hand-holding. Fill an entire frame with just their shoes (toes touching is an aborbs idea). Try to see all of the little elements that together are creating the entire picture, and make sure to give those the attention they deserve.

And take in the entire landscape, from the rolling hills of a pastoral setting to a funky, graffiti-covered wall in the city. There’s something cool about a shot in which the people look tiny but their surroundings look huge!

4. Pay Attention to Both Faces


Photographing two people at once may initially be a little tricky because you have to make sure that both are lookin’ good in every photo. This just means keeping a couple things in mind.

First, make sure both faces are in focus, especially when using auto-focus. Even with both faces close together, your lens will sometimes choose to focus on one while leaving the other in Blur City. Zoom in on the photo after you’ve taken it to make sure everyone’s sharp, then adjust accordingly.

With two people, there’s also a greater possibility that one person will be mid-blink in an otherwise perfect shot. Use your camera’s burst mode to take multiple versions of the same shot to ensure you’re getting one with all eyes open.

Taking it further


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