How to Prank Your Pals Using Your Digital Camera — Long Awkward Pose

Long Awkward Pose - Easy Cheesy Digital Camera PrankLast week we told you that the video mode on your digital camera was a fine way to make yourself a flipbook. It is.

But wanna know the real reason your camera records video?

It’s so you can enjoy a good laugh while making friends and loved ones look silly.

You see, when you hold up a camera, people expect you to take a photograph, not a video. So flip your camera into video mode and pretend like you’re taking a photo. Feign technical difficulties while your bud tries patiently to hold his smile and you’re virtually guaranteed an amusing minute or so of strained footage.

Don’t believe us? Check out comedian Katie Dippold’s collection at Long Awkward Pose. (Some favorites: Anthony, Deniz, Jack Jack — what a sport!)

Life is too short and too serious not to play the occasional practical joke. And trust us, you’ll both laugh about it afterward.

Long Awkward Pose

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