How to Make Video Panoramas from Your Digital Camera’s Video Clips

We call ’em Videoramas.

Panoramic photographs are great at taking in entire landscapes, urban and natural. They allow you to see beyond what your camera can capture in one frame (or in the case of panographies, many many many frames).

But why stop with stills? Your digital camera probably shoots video clips as well, and by stitching those clips together, you can make a full-motion video panorama. Landscapes, streetscapes, interior shots, birthday parties, they all come to life in sparkling, wide-angle videoramas. If you liked our panographies, you’ll love our videoramas.

Read on to see an example and learn how it’s done.

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First things first, let’s see an example of a simple videorama:

Cool, eh?

Now let’s make one from scratch!

You’ll need either Apple’s Final Cut Pro or Macromedia’s Flash Pro to make a videorama. We’ve got tutorials for both, loaded with screenshots to get you going.

If you don’t have either one, find a friend who does or a computer lab with the software. Either way, choose one of these tutorials to get started:

How to Use Final Cut Pro to Make a Videorama

How to Use Flash to Make a Videorama