How to Make Tiny Planets in Google Street View

Hackers do more than type fast and indiscriminately hax0r the interwebs.

The best kind of hacker? They’re the ones that take neat stuff apart to make even neater stuff.

…Like Stereographic Street View!

It’s an adapted version of Google’s Street View that turns any place on Earth* into a fish-eyed globe a.k.a. a tiny planet!

Explore Earth by entering in an address or dragging the pin around the map. It’s wondrous to see what your home looks like as a its own little world!

You can spend hours wandering the planet wearing tiny-planet goggles. Don’t mind the funny looks.

*as long as it’s on Google Street View!

Stereographic Street View
[via NotCot; Architizer]

p.s. If you’ve had trouble finding the time to hone your photo skillz, check out our friends at the New York Institute of Photography! They have top notch classes that you can take anywhere on your own time.