How to Make the Best Camera Case Ever — a Dog Camera Cozy!

The perfect DSLR camera case can be hard to come by.

And more often than not, it doesn’t even resemble any of your fave animals. What gives?

That’s where the DIY Dog Camera Cozy swoops in to save the day. It’s a soft camera cozy for your DSLR, and our pal Sarah Goldschadt is the clever crafter behind it.

Here’s the story from Sarah:

“In 2009 I bought my first DSLR …I had recently learned how to crochet with the help of my friend Alicia Kachmar.

I ended up using the basic shape of slippers to create a lens cover and then kept crocheting around my camera to see what would happen.

When I finished, adding on buttons and ears seemed like a no-brainer. Since then, I’ve upgraded to a better camera and bought a new lens, so it’s always the perfect excuse to crochet a new cover.”

Inspired? Get your craft on, and make your best friend look like man’s best friend.

Make a Crochet Dog Camera Cozy

On Crocheting for Your Camera

The following are basic steps used to create your own camera cozy. Below each step, we included the crocheting techniques that will help you for that part of the DIY.

If you already know how to crochet, perfect! Follow along with the basic steps below or get more precise with the more detailed pattern that Sarah has available as a download.

If you’re new to crocheting, get started with some quickie video lessons at the Lion Brand Learning Center.

Since there are many camera and lens combinations, you’ll find it easier to test your work on your camera and lens to ensure the best fit.

The completed sample cozy that fits a Cannon 7D with 35 mm lens is available for sale, too!


  • Worsted weight yarn color of your choice
  • Crochet hook to correspond with your yarn size
  • Yarn needle
  • Scissors
  • 4 buttons (two for the eyes, one for the nose, one to attach the case at the bottom)
  • Sewing thread
  • Sewing needle

STEP 1: Make a Circle for the Nose

beforeSingle crochet a circle and increase until it matches the width of your lens cap.

For those just getting started, here are some helpful tutorials: Chain, Slip Stitch, Single Crochet, Crochet a Circle

STEP 2: Crochet a Snout

before Single crochet around and around until it’s the length of your lens.

Helpful tutorial: Single Crochet

STEP 3: Do a Little Turn

beforeTurn your work and use half of the stitches to single crochet back and forth. It should be long enough to go over the top of your camera and down to the bottom of your viewer.

You might want to lay it over your camera and eyeball how much more you need to crochet. The end result will fit over your lens, wrap over the top of your camera, around the back, and button on the bottom of the “snout.”

Helpful tutorials: Turning Chain, Turning your Work

STEP 4: Complete the Body

beforeDecrease each round on both sides until 4 stitches remain. Chain 4 then join the chain to the 4th stitch in the last row with a slip stitch to form a loop for a button. Turn and crochet over the chain to reinforce it. Fasten off all ends and trim the excess yarn.

Helpful tutorials: Decreasing, Chain, Fastening Off

STEP 5: Make the Ears

beforeTo create a dog ear, chain 7, chain one and single crochet back and forth (with 7 stitches total in each row) until you’ve reached a desired length.

Decrease each row on both sides until 2 stitches remain. Single crochet around the entire shape and fasten off. Trim excess yarn. Repeat to make another ear.

STEP 6: Add Buttons for the Nose, Ears, Eyes

Attach the case to your camera and use your judgement to find the best places for the eyes, nose, ears, and button on the bottom of the case.

Take the case off and with extra yarn and a yarn needle, attach the ears with a whipstitch, then sew on the buttons and other features with sewing thread and sewing needle.

Helpful tutorial: Seaming


before before

Taking It Further


The cozy can easily be modified to be a cat or bee or anything else you can dream of. Use embroidery thread to add whiskers or try making eyelashes.