How to Make Hyperlapse Videos that Totally Wow!

There’s nothing quite as sweet as new love.

After only 2 days it’s safe to say – the whole internet is in love with Hyperlapse.

The new app from Instagram, lets you make butter smooth timelapse videos at the push of very few buttons.

Admit it, you’re in love too.

If not now, you will be soon. You just need to get to know Hyperlapse a little better.

That’s why we’ve spent the last couple days, moving at 12x times our regular speed, learning the ins, the outs, the how to’s and how not’s of Hyperlapse. We’re here to share them with you!

Learn to shoot ’em, pick up a few editing tips, see a ton of inspiring vids and get ready to start totally crushing.

The Ultimate Guide to Hyperlapse Mastery

Basics You Need to Know

Could you back up a bit? What the heck is Hyperlapse?

Sure thing! The good folks at Instagram just released a new app for making timelapse (super fast) videos.

There’s no sign-up, it just opens right up to a video camera. A magical video camera!

Hyperlapse uses your phones’s gyroscope to film steady shots, even when you’re hands are wobbling.

After you shoot, you can watch and save your video at anywhere from real-life to 12x its regular speed!

What you’re left with is a cinematically smooth timelapse video that looks like it took expen$ive equipment and hours of editing to make.

So, how do I shoot one?

When you fire up the app, there’s one start/stop button on the screen. Start it up. You can record for up to 45 minutes!

Woah. But if you’re planning on posting to Instagram, aim for 3 minutes or less, so it fits their 15 second max when you speed it up.

Keep in mind that Instagram will crop your video square. It’s a bit easier to keep things centered and visualize what will be cut off by filming with your phone up and down. (Ack! We know. A big no-no for most vids).

How do I show off my Hyperlapse to all my pals?

beforeOnce you’ve filmed your masterpiece and chosen a speed hit the checkmark and Hyperlapse will save the video to your camera roll.

Since the makers of Hyperlapse are pretty sure you want to share on Instagram (they are Instagram) they made it seamless to use Instagram’s editing tools on your new vid.

Hit the Instagram share button to bring your video into IG, where you can add a filter and trim the beginning and end of your video (extra important if you have those awkward “reaching for the start/stop button” shots at the ends of your vid).

Filter (or #nofilter). Trim. Choose a thumbnail. And post!

Advanced Stuff You Also Need to Know

Change Up Your View

One side-effect of its fancy-pants stabilizing tech is a much narrower view than you’re used to. The fix is simple.

Throw on a Wide Angle Phone Lens to take in more of the action. Or, get really dramatic with a Fisheye or Macro.

Using Focus Lock (or not)

Hyperlapse will adjust focus and exposure as it films, but it can be a little slow about it. To give it some guidance even as you’re shooting just tap the part of the screen that you want it to focus on and light up just right. It’s quick to adjust after a tap.

You can lock in the focus and exposure by just tap-and-holding before or during your shoot.

We love how Nick Hornig used exposure lock on the darker part of his scene so that the li’l boat he shot rode off into extra bright sunshine.

Stay Perfectly Still

Since Hyperlapse has neat-o stabilizing capabilities, it’s temping to just go bouncing down the street filming without a care. But, some of the most dramatic timelapses are made when your phone is kept perfectly still, watching the world bop by.

Put your phone on a tripod (or in the very least tape it to a rock) for stone-still views.

Your Bike + Your Phone = Hyperlapse Gold

Filming from your bike can be perilous both for you (how do you hold your phone and steer too?) and for your viewer (several minutes of bumpy footage will cause nausea).

Here’s where the Handleband and Hyperlapse come to the rescue!

The Handlband holds your phone snuggly to your bike’s handles, while Hyperlapse films a silky smooth vid and speeds it up to an exhilarating pace.

beforeToo Hip To Be Square

Don’t want to crop your Hyperlapse? You worked hard on it, might as well show it all off.

SquarereadyV lets you add bars to the top and bottom of your vid to fit the whole thing into an Instagram square.

Add a Soundtrack

Since Hyperlapse is speeding things up, it takes away the sound at any speed other than 1x. They’re trying to avoid the whole chipmunk motif.

But silent films are so 19teens! Pull your video into iMovie and add any song from your phone as a background tune.

More Ideas and Inspiration

Take It Slow Then Make It Fast

Watch a sunset in a matter of seconds. Show an artist’s process in 1/12th the time.

Video your dog slowly nodding off to sleep and play it at 12x to make it look like he’s head-banging (someone pleeeease do this! Send us a link).

Speed Up Your Life

Take in your everyday life and show it off at a faster clip.

What might just be your daily commute (here we go again) will look like a thrill ride when given the Hyperlapse treatment.


Make the Fast, Faster Still!

Oh, you thought your kids/pups/hamsters were fast?!

Hyperlapse ‘em and be happy they’re not any faster.

12x speed = 12x the cute! (but super hard to catch).


Don’t Forget the Selfie

No new technology would be completely tested without answering, “Yeah, but can you take a selfie with it?”

We think @edsaxton answered that once and for all with a “YES, hilariously yes.”

Extra big thank you to John Link, Nick Hornig, Jean Song, Rainer Görtz, Jenn Gomez, Liam Griffin and Ed Saxton for letting us post their videos and all the inspiration!