How to Make Fake T-Shirts using Photoshop

fake a t-shirt

Whether art form, social statement, or empty vessel, our favorite dress-down, the good-ole t-shirt, has got something for everyone.

So what does this have to do with photography?

Well, our pal and t-shirt wunderkind Josh Keay (who you might remember from the 5 minute photo fix) happens to be a Photoshop pro, and a fan of fakin’ it.

He’s put together a great video tutorial that shows you how to easily and realistically put any message you like on the t-shirts in your photos.

So watch the video, grab a photo, and get going!

Bee-tee-dub — Post your results here — we’ve 10 fun t-shirts to give away to our favorite entries. (Learn more)

psst.. Got an idea for a great photo project or tutorial? Write us!

The Ingredients

  • Something to say
  • A photo with people wearing t-shirts
  • Photoshop (or equivalent photo-editing tool)

The Fake T-Shirt Video Tutorial

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The Fake Contest

pixeltools.jpgWanna win one of ten of these sweet Photoshop-themed t-shirts? (Courtesy, Insanely Great Tees) Easy.

1) Watch that there tutorial what’s up above.

2) Try it with your own photos.

3) Post your before and after shots here.

We’ll pick ten of our favorites and contact you via your forum email to send you your free T-shirt!