How to Make A Photo Album Treasure Box!

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If you were a pirate, your gold would be all the photos you’ve taken.

And like any pirate, you need a good place to store your precious treasure. Well, we’ve got just the DIY for that: a photo album treasure box!

Think of it as a locket, but with room to put in more than one photo.

It’s a sweet little twist on the average photo album that’d be perfect for portraits of friends or family! Plus, they make blogworthy little gifts.

It’s time to think inside the box.

Store Treasured Pics in a Mini Photo Box!

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Hmmm, Photos In A Box, You Say?

beforeYour photos aren’t just meant to be stored in any ol’ box, collecting dust: they should be shown off in this neat little treasure box!

Plus, this photo DIY is so easy to whip up—easier than cake from a box we say!

These photo treasure boxes would make lovely gifts, as well as creative wedding favors for those of you love birds gettin’ hitched soon.

The Ingredients:

  • A 2.25″ x 3.25″ x 1″ jewelry box (found at your local craft store)
  • A 3″ x 16″ strip of paper
  • A ruler
  • A pencil
  • 5-6 small photos
  • A glue stick or double-stick tape
  • Optional: Decorative tape, like washi tape

STEP 1: Mark It Up

beforeLay out your strip of paper horizontally.

With your ruler and pencil, mark every 2″ on your strip of paper.

STEP 2: Do the Accordion Fold

beforeTurn your now marked strip of paper so that it’s vertically facing you.

At the first 2″ mark, fold the paper up and away from you, towards the next 2″ mark.

At the next 2″ mark, fold the paper again, but this time towards you.

Repeat this alternating folding pattern until all the 2″ marks have been folded.

You should end up with 8 “pages” created from all these folds.

STEP 3: Fill Your Treasure Chest

beforeNow turn your folded strip of paper so that it’s laid out horizontally.

Take your photos and stick them on each of the “pages” with some double-stick tape or a glue stick. We kept some pages blank to add more “treasure” later.

Some photo treasure ideas:

  • Small, old family portraits, like ours. Scan & print ’em out if you don’t want to use the originals.
  • Different portraits of that one special person, aww.
  • Pics from a favorite destination, like those from all your different beach trips.

STEP 4: Boxing Time

beforeTime to get the photo party in the box!

Double-stick tape or glue the first left flap on the inside of the jewelery box. Then tape or glue the rightmost flap on the inside of the box’s lid.

STEP 5: Make it Fancy

beforeThis step is optional, but feel free to add some finishing flourishes to the outside of your photo treasure box like we did with our fun paper tapes!

New to using decorative tapes? See some rad ways to use them here, or learn how to make some yourself!

More Ways to Box It Up

  • Use a fun-shaped box like our heart box above!
  • Christmas is still a ways from now, but what rad stocking stuffers would these make, right?
  • Experiment with larger boxes for a coffee-table-worthy piece.
  • Accordion-fold your fave negatives into its own little box!