How to Get Your Photos Featured in a Photo Magazine

Your Instragram feed is flawless. You’ve got the likes, followers, fans even … what’s next?

It’s time to make the jump from your personal digital stream to the big time.

Get your work published in a real live magazine!

We spoke with Megan Breukelman, the Editor-in-Chief of Atlas Magazine – only a super inspirational digital fashion magazine + website focused on the promotion of the next generation of fashion creatives, nbd. JK, BIG HUGE DEAL.

She dished on why you would want to be published, how to even start your quest, and tips for getting accepted by your dream magazines.

Is This For Me?

Q: Why would someone want their work in a photo magazine?

A: First and foremost, being published is kind of the creative’s equivalent to a resume.

Being able to list publications that your work has been featured in helps you to find work from other publications and potential clients.

It’ll also help you build better teams to collaborate with – if everyone is working towards the goal of publishing the work, you are going to get maximum effort from those involved.

Additionally, the exposure received from publications (through their direct audience, social media, etc.) is crucial to your personal marketing.

Getting Started

Q: Where can people start their search for magazines that take submissions and would be a good fit for their style?

A: Beyond googling ‘submission-based magazines’, there are several helpful hints hiding in plain sight.

Take a look at the portfolios of other creatives that are around the same level as you – chances are, they’ve had their work published in a submissions based magazine.

Similarly, take a look on Instagram and see what is trending in your personal Discovery feed. If you are following other creatives, there are going to be accounts for magazines that will pop up. Check them out to see if they take submissions.

If you’re not following creatives, that’s a good place to start in itself. Keep your eye on up-and-comers who are just as hungry as you are.

Magazine aggregation websites like Stack Magazines, issuu, and MagCloud are also filled to the brim with wonderful publications. It takes a little bit of research, but there are so many great resources to find your niche.

Q: What should one prepare, before snapping photos they hope to publish?
A: Try to have a magazine in mind before you even conceptualize the shoot – make sure your style would mesh with theirs. Look through their older issues for an idea of what they like.

Check their website to see if they have a theme and deadline to work off of. Put together mood boards for the shoot that are comprehensive enough for your team to understand.

Some magazines also provide pull letters for stylists; if you need one, pitch your mood board and team to the magazine to request one. Then most importantly… shoot!

Submission Time!

Q: Okay, we’re ready to submit. What makes an extra wow-worthy submission email?

A: First off: Get the magazine’s name right. If you are submitting the same editorial to multiple magazines (not recommended – pay attention to their themes instead!) do not just copy and paste the email… or at least don’t leave the other magazine’s name on it.

Try not to write something overly long and complicated; introduce yourself but don’t give a life story. On that note… write an email with your submission! You’d be surprised how many people just email pictures with nothing at all.

Most importantly, be polite! You don’t have to be too formal but at least use some conversational etiquette. A ‘hello’ before diving in is always nice.

Q: Are there are any other things to consider when you’re looking to get your work into a magazine?

A: It is very important to give a few options when you submit your work. Don’t send along 100 images from a shoot for the magazine to pick from, but don’t just send 6 images.

If you work is not accepted by the magazine you submit to, try to learn from the experience to better your work. Keep an open mind. If the work isn’t right for one magazine, it might be for another.

About Atlas Magazine

Q: What kind of work does Atlas Magazine publish?

A: Atlas publishes fashion photography with a clean and focused aesthetic. We like to see things that are a little out-of-the-box, too. Get a quick snapshot of our vibe on Instagram.

We take a diverse and inclusive look at fashion, while still keeping its roots in high quality artistic fashion. We like to see emerging talent in the arts and promote them while they are coming up in the industry.

Q: Any last words of encouragement?
A: Don’t be afraid. There’s nothing to lose in creating editorial work. You are gaining experience, building your portfolio, and lining up connections for bigger projects down the line. At the end of the day, the worst that can happen is a rejection … and if it does, so what? Every experience is a learning experience.


Megan Breukelman is the Editor-in-Chief of Atlas Magazine. She loves photography, magazines, and baking sweets! Originally from Canada, she lives in New York working in production.