How To Cover Everything Ever in Photos!

The Polaroid ZIP Mobile Printer makes super sticky tiny prints of all your best photos.

They’re so sticky in fact, that they can stick to almost anything.

Anything you say?

We couldn’t believe it either, so we took to covering some of our favorite things in our favorite pictures. Ya know, to prove it (not just because we wanted to cover everything in adorable, miniature snapshots).


What You’ll Need


  • Your favorite photos selected in your phone
  • A Polaroid ZIP Printer – remember to download the app!
  • Scissors
  • Different objects to cover – we’re using a notebook in our example

Step One: Print those pics!


Use the Polaroid ZIP Printer and app to print photos to cover your stuff.

We love flowers, bright colors, patterns and people – but you can print anything you want!

For this notebook, we’re using a collage of some of our favorite photos – junior high style.

Step Two: Cut Those Candids


Use scissors to cut out the correct sizes of photos to stick to your objects. It’s helpful to use a pencil too, for planning out those more precise angles.

Make it extra special by cutting out people in your photos, lettering, or individual shapes for extra dimension.

Step Three: Stick ‘Em Up


Peel the backing off your photos and stick! Layer photos, tile them, leave some space – get creative!

We covered a few different things besides this expertly decorated notebook and pen.

A Planter – Since our plant is dying, we thought adding some pizzazz to its pot might help to give it new life.

Charging Brick and Cable – You will never again lose yours in a sea of charging cables at the office or airport.

Sunglasses – Because what’s more fun than DIY blocking out the sun?


Taking It Further

  • Draw your own pictures or patterns and snap a photo of those to print for extra-custom projects.
  • Cover your cat in photos and SEND US PICS! (But don’t tell anyone this was our idea).
  • Uses lenses and lighting gadgets from the Photojojo Shop to create higher-quality photos to stick on everything.