How to Choose a Camera Bag

bad camera bag

Photojojo owns one of the worst camera bags in the world.

Weird, right? You’d think we’d have something really cool, but no.

This thing is ugly. It has next to no padding. It’s too small. And even though it’s tiny, the strap is so uncomfortable that 30 minutes carrying it around feels like a week. Plus it has this big logo on the front that says “Thank You For Shopping With Us.”

So we need a new camera bag. But there are so many options out there, where do we even start? What should we look for? What should we avoid? Will our trusty camera ever find a new home?

We had a look around and here’s what we found:

What to Look For in a Camera Bag

Stealth Bags — For undercover urbanites.
The Electric Pocket — For leetle cameras.

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