How to Capture a Ghost (in a Photo) in 3-ish Ways

As Halloween Approaches, you’re probably noticing more ghosts around.

They can be quite camera-shy and tricky to photograph, so we’re here to show you how.

Shhhh, now lean in close for this part.

*whispers* We haven’t actually managed to photograph a real ghost, but we’re pretty good at faking it using just our phone. Read along to learn just how we do it.

But only if you don’t scare too easily. *ghost sounds* OoooOooOOoOooo!

Ghost Capture Method 1: Use the Power of Apps



1. Download an app that lets you edit photos in layers. We used Juxtaposer on an iPhone. Photo Layers for Android looks similar and has good reviews.

2. Snap a photo of a friend (or foe) that you wish to ghostify.

3. Quick! Have them duck out of the shot and snap another photo. It’s super important that your phone doesn’t move. So, it’s best if you mount your phone to a tripod, or prop it on a table or wall so it doesn’t move at all.

4. Use your layer editing app to make the friendless photo the bottom layer, and the friendful layer as the top layer.

5. Knock the opacity of the top layer down (to around 75%) and try not to scream. Is that a g-g-gg-ghost?!

Ghost Capture Method 2: Analogue Trickery

1. Find a big ol’ glass window. Wait till it’s dark outside.

2. Follow this magic lighting recipe:
– It’s dark outside.
– It’s dark-ish inside.
– Look at the window and point a bright light source at your face.
– Woah, is that a ghost in the window?

3. Snap a photo. GHOST!

Ghost Capture Method 3: The Real Deal

1. Find a Ghost (real kind).

2. Ask if it’s okay to take a photo with it.

3. Lean in close and take a selfie with it.

4. How did you do that?

Taking it Further