How Seasaw Filmed a Music Video in Just 6 Hours, and You Can Too!

We love it when our friends do cool things, especially when they’re cool photo or video things. And we love it even more when they tell us all the secrets to how they did it.

Our friend Meg is in the band Seasaw and she recently used a few Photojojo products, an app, and an iPhone to make their latest music video – a cover of Weezer’s “Say It Ain’t So.”

The entire video was shot in just six hours, in a kitchen. Say whaaaat? Just how did they do it?

Below you can find Meg’s steps to music video magic, and try one or all of these tips when filming your next flick!


Watch the Full Video:

It all started with a kitchen and an idea.


We began by brainstorming a concept around what could be done in a small kitchen with limited equipment, and only two sets of hands and arms.

The best part of “Say It Ain’t So” is belting along with the choruses, much like you would when singing karaoke, so that was our initial inspiration.

We also wanted to create the vibe that we were each in our own fantasy world, so we knew having killer lighting would be key.

It’s time to rock ‘n roll – and by that we mean get to work!


After we selected our concept, we went to a fabric store and chose a background of blue vinyl material (the color an homage to the original Weezer album cover) and we nailed it to the wall to create our video booth.

Next we set up my iPhone 7 on a full-size tripod and began experimenting with lighting and frame. Since neither of us are in the same shot at the same time, we had to share camera duty.

We used Gaffers tape to measure and mark where the tripod needed to be, as well as our feet, so we would get a consistent view with every take.

We used a few other things, too. Here’s the full list:
Oh! Wow. Ring Light
The Pocket Spotlight
Gorillapod Mobile
-Full-size tripod – like the Backpacker Air
-Extra colored lighting for overlays (we used something like this)
-Gaffers Tape
-Extra AA Batteries/USB Charger (just in case!)

That lighting looks so 1994! How’d you do that?


We were able to capture the 90’s essence by turning off all external kitchen lighting, and using two main light sources.

Our first source was a constant backlight. We mounted the Oh! Wow. Ring Light to a microphone stand and placed it behind our backs. This helped to eliminate any exaggerated or over-the-top shadows. AND, our 6 AA Batteries lasted the entire duration of our shoot!

We also used the Oh! Wow. Ring Light to capture a rad silhouette when we used it as the only light source, from behind (you can see the example of this at 2:25 in the video).

Our second main light source was The Pocket Spotlight. We held it by hand above the iPhone to shine a more direct light on our faces.

Note – your arm will most likely get tired. Once our arms got tired, we popped our Pocket Spotlight into Eve’s iPhone 5S and put it in the Gorillapod Mobile on a nearby, tall surface.

We also captured some dramatic color by using brightly colored stage LEDs on our faces instead of the Pocket Spotlight. Don’t have access to stage lighting? Try any colored LED bulb from a hardware store.

Capturing effects are easy – we’re saying so.


As the fantasy world starts building throughout the video, we capture light trails with our body movement. It seems super complicated, when in fact, we just used the Magic Movement Camera App.

To be honest, it was certainly buggy, but once we got used to it, it gave us the perfect amount of extra magic we needed to tell our story.

For $.99, you can remove the watermark and download the videos in just as great of a quality as your iPhone initially took it, so it seamlessly blends with your existing footage.

We also used the iPhone’s built in Slo-Mo feature, which definitely added a few extra seconds of drama where we needed them.

Don’t be blue (album), editing is the fun part!


I edited this video in Final Cut Pro, however, you can get a similar outcome with iMovie and other free editing softwares.

The editing was the most challenging part because we had a lot of footage to choose from.

The fantasy world of the Blue Album really came together for us because we were diligent to get lots of great takes, as well as try lots of different things with lighting and special effects, especially when editing.

Seasaw is a folk-pop band based in Madison, WI. To learn more about them or hear more of their music, head to their Website, Facebook, or Instagram.