How Big Can I Print This Photo? — A Simple Answer, Once and for All

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Megapixel ChartIf you’re a digital camera convert (or thinking of becoming one) you’ve likely wondered how big you can print those digital files you’ve been capturing by the hundreds.

And knowing you, you’ve done the research, asked around, and probably discovered what we have: everyone’s got a different opinion. Your camera manufacturer is happy to tell you that 5 megapixels will get you pristine poster-sized prints (hogwash!), while purists proclaim that your digital is good for no more than 4x6s, no matter what the resolution. (Baloney!)

The truth, as is so often the case, lies somewhere in the middle.

The good folks over at Design215 have put together a super easy-to-digest resolution chart that gives you the straight dope. At a glance, it tells you how many megapixels you’ll need to print at true, photographic quality. (ie. It looks sharp, even when your nose is mashed up against the print.) Simple!

Chart: How Many Megapixels You Really Need

p.s. Need to cheat and print bigger anyway? Read the fine print below the chart for more details.

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