How Being Far Apart Can Bring You Closer Together

3191, A Year of Evenings

It’s winter. Plus it’s February, so it’s the worst bit of winter. The sky is cloudy and the leaves are gone and the only colors left are lead-gray and dog-doo-brown.

On top of that, since we loaded up the truck and moved to Beverly San Francisco, we miss our friends back on the wrong coast.

We were having ourselves a good sulk, but then we ran across 3191: A Year of Evenings.

Stephanie and Mav are friends that live 3191 miles apart. Each takes a photo every evening and they post them side-by-side on their photoblog.

It captures the feeling of each person’s day, like going to your best friend’s house whenever you want. So what if it’s still Frigiduary? 3191 is our mug of hot chocolate on a cold winter’s night.

And if Stephanie and Mav can break down the Continental Divide, so can you.

3191: A Year of Evenings
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