Hello, Photo Corner Stick’ums!

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Photojojo is pumped to be introducing a colorful newbie this week that’s both versatile and tactile: Photo Corner Stick’ums!

Use Stick’ums to display your most precious papery goods — then remove them without damage and re-stick’um elsewhere!

Each delightful decal package contains 28 L-shaped colorful stick’ums with matching nameplates for maximum post-ability.

We <3 the infinite amount of uses for these little corner-shaped ditties. Here at Photojojo HQ we've stick'rd our laptops, walls, and even our cats. But don’t stop there, refrigerators, cabinets, windows, laptops… Nothing too small! Nothing too big! Nothing too complicated!

Well howdy, Photo Corner Stick’ums!

p.s. Been meaning to get your hands on something sticky? We’ve got a brand new bundle with Corner Stick’ums and Re-Stickable Decal Frames that we think you’ll be interested in.