Have Fun with Boomerang Over and Over Again

When it comes to phoneography one of our very favorite apps is Boomerang.

Well, it was our fave, then not anymore, then it came back. And we threw it out again, and it came back. (hehe)

The Boomerang app films a tiny clip then plays it back and forth in a loop forever (or three times if you post it as an Instagram story), just like magic. So why is that useful?

Oh you can do the most amazing things with Boomerang. Read along to see all our favorite tricks. From levitation to magical hair-doin’.


The Cheers

A real classic.

Smash that record button then smash (a bit more gently this time) together your glasses.

Then watch the good times roll, and roll, and roll, and roll …



No strings required.

We went through a lot of shots and test shots and fits of giggles and more tries to perfect this shot.

The key to levitating anything you can throw (or yourself, if you can jump high enough) is to:

1. Count to three for your friend to throw/jump, but you hit the button on two – cuz boomerang takes a sec to get going.

2. Let go of the record button the moment you see that it’s recording. That way it’ll only record the moment that your subject is in the air and repeat that forevs.


Strike a Pose

We love the look of one big dramatic movement.

Do a spin, jump, kick, twirl, duck, slide, or sling your jacket over your shoulder just so.

Everything looks cooler back and forth forever.


Anything Reparo

The easiest way to repair supposedly irreparable damage.

That can stayed crushed IRL, but we love the look of the uncrumpling in all the boomerangs we shot.

Rip a paper, crumble a cookie, smash a guitar on an amp! Rock and roll!


Simple Chores

Very similar to the magical repairing powers of boomerang, we love to watch it pick up a big mess.

From confetti to spilled milk, there’s nothing boomerang can’t pick right up.

Be sure to record a fraction of a sec pre-mess to get the best unmessing effect.


Hair Flip

This trick could really save us a minute in the morning.

Pull out your topknot and watch it knot itself right back up.

Put down your crimper, self styling hair is the next big beauty trend.


Group Photo

The silliest of the silly shots.

Yell “one, two three!” and have everyone give a little shimmy as you hit record.

Looks like you’ve got a never ending dance party on your hands.

Taking it Further

  • Check out #boomerang on Instagram for non-stop inspo.
  • Read out tips and tricks for using boomerang’s cousin Hyperlapse.
  • Get real funky, add a phone lens up in the mix, while you ‘rang. (short for boomerang … get it)?