Harness the Power of Fringe + iPhone 6 Gadgets

You’ve been looking around for years for a fun friend that is both helpful and tiny enough to carry in your pocket.

The Tassel Charging Cable Keychain is the little guy you need to help keep you all charged up and be your ever so fashionable friend.

The Tassel’s fringe is made of hand-stitched top grain leather. Clip it onto your bag or keyring for a stylish accessory.

But don’t let its high fashion exterior fool you, this dude is ready for business. Open the magnetized flap to reveal charging cables for your phone. Choose from Lightning connector for iPhones or Micro USB for Androids.

Your new pal is stylish and ready to go anywhere! Never worry about packing another charge cable again, with the Tassel by your side.

Flaunt some Fringe
$59 at the Photojojo Shop


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