Give Yourself Real-life Googly Cartoon Eyes


Ever wished that you could walk away from a hundred-foot fall with nary a scratch, or spend your days driving around in a van with your buddies and your pooch, solving mysteries?

Oh, don’t we all.

There is one thing we can share with our two-dimensional animated friends — their giant, saucer-like, cartoon eyes.

Our pal Jen Dunlap sent us a fun photo idea for turning you and your pals into live-action cartoons.

It’s easy:

1) Grab some craft eyeballs (intended for making stuffed animals) from your local craft store or online. The bigger, the better.

2) Have your friends place them over their eyes and squint down a bit to hold them in place.

3) Go wabbit hunting, or find some desert and have ’em pose next to ACME-Brand rockets. Snap away!