Give Your Photos a Masterful Makeover — Enhance Your Photos with Classical Art

You’ve finally talked Claude, Auguste, and Vincent into coming by to check out your vacation photos. You break out the slide show after crudités, and they break out the critiques. When Monet, Renoir and Van Gogh offer advice on recoloring your photos, do you listen?

We’d say yes. And with Photoshop’s “Match Color” tool, giving your photos the color sense of your favorite painter is a snap!

Step 1: Find your painting
To get started, find a painting you’d like to emulate. We had good luck with the images at Wikipedia, and Google’s Image Search is another fine option. Look for paintings that match the feel of your own work. A moody street scene, for example, would be a natural for Hopper-ization, gardens and lakes are Monet territory, and naked ladies in tropical locales are ideal candidates for a bit of Gauguin.

Step 2: Open your files
Save the photo of the painting you’ll use to your computer, then open both your photo and painting in Photoshop. Make sure your photo is in front.

Step 3: Merge ’em!
Under the Image menu, choose Adjustments, then Match Color. Choose the painting as the source, then tweak the Luminance and Color Intensity settings to your heart’s content.

Ah. It feels good to finally kinda, sorta put those art history classes to use. Check out James Delaney’s tutorial for step-by-step instructions.

Enhance your Photography with Classical Art
[via Lifehacker]

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