Funny Face Photo Invites: Two-Faced, In a Good Way

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Party season is upon us, so break out your dancing shoes, piñata hitting stick, and fruit-punch-proof camera case!

But take note: this season, e-vites are out, and funny face photo invites are sooo in.

Our pal Laura recently made some neat custom photo invites for her crazy photographer’s workshop slash camping trip, Phoot Camp.

The smiling faces of her invitees, on some very inviting postcards, let her guests-to-be know that tons of fun was headed their way!

Make your own funny face invites and we bet you’ll earn a coveted spot on your friend’s fridges AND great attendance.

How to Make Funny Face Photo Invites

p.s. Check out the über-creative portfolios from Phoot Camp and let us know what you’d like to learn how to do next!

STEP ONE: Find photos of your entire guestlist

This sounds hard, but in this day and age, it shouldn’t take too long!

Just check back through photos on your hard drive, or try searching your online photos with Flickr’s new people tagging system.

Look for the highest resolution photos you can find, and try to get straight on shots of the face.

STEP TWO: Crop the photos to postcard size

4 inches by 6 inches should work.

Be sure to crop to the area just below the nose and to have the face go most of the width of the card.

If you want to, add your own personal message to the front of the card, over the photo.

STEP THREE: Write out your instructions

What do you want people to do when they receive the invite?

Ask them to photograph themselves with it and then post it on Facebook with both people tagged.

Or add it to a Flickr group for party invitees.

Or have people bring a Secret Santa gift for the person whose chin they received, and make a gift tag out of their postcard.

Be creative! (but don’t forget basics like the date, location, time, etc.)

STEP FOUR: Print your cards at home

You can print out your cards one-sided and hand-write the party info and address on the back.

Or, if your printer can print two-sided, you can design the back of your invite on your computer and then print away.

STEP FOUR AND A HALF: Or, print your cards online.

Don’t have a printer? No problem.

Online services like Hazel Mail, Amazing Mail, and Postful will let you send photo postcards for around a dollar or less.

You can just upload a photo, and then type your message and recipient address in on the back side. They do the rest — even pay postage and mail it for you!

STEP FIVE: Enjoy the results!

Not only do you get to see cute pictures of your favorite people (and have them all think you’re super creative!), it’s a great icebreaker.

When the party comes around, folks will already feel like they know each other, and have instant conversation-starters.

You could even decorate with some of the resulting photos.


  • If you’re throwing a party with one guest of honor (bachelor/bachelorette, retirement party, surprise birthday), try sending all the invitees a different photo card of that person’s face. Then, they can bring the cards to the party as a fun prop, or surprise for the guest of honor.
  • For a baby shower, try using photos of babies (either your own photos or stock photos) to give all of your guests chubby chins.
  • For a holiday party, you could send cards with a turkey’s beak and wattle, Santa’s beard, a snowman’s jowls, or Rudolph’s nuzzle on it.