Freefall Photography — Denis Darzacq’s Jarring Statement on French Youth

Many photographers employ their art as social or political commentary, but we think Denis Darzacq’s La Chute (The Fall) is in a league of its own.

Depicting Parisian youths captured in mid-air as they plummet to earth, his series has recently surprised, shocked, and stirred the French art community.

Encapsulating a message in a photograph is no easy task. What’s unique about Darzacq’s work is not that it makes a statement about an alienated generation, but the innovative technique with which he’s made it. Gazing at his expressionless subjects, his viewers cannot help but wonder if what they see is real.

That these haunting images were created not with digital hackery, but with careful location scouting and break-dancing choreography, makes them all the more compelling.

Denis Darzacq’s La Chute
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