Frame Your Photos with a Paper Craft Photo Globe

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With the holidays sadly behind us, we had to do something tragic last week. We bade farewell to our office Christmas tree.

Packing up all our twinkle lights and decorations, we wondered: Why bother doing away with our DIY Photo Ornaments just because the tree is gone?

We quickly devised a plan to decorate with them, and our crafty pal Emily taught us how to take our method a little further. Of course, we had to share!

Now we’re going to show you how to make beautiful papercraft photo globes that will look great whether they’re hanging in your house, given as a gift, or stranded to spice up your party!

Frame Your Photos with a Photo Globe

p.s. We’re in India! We’ll be posting photos on Tumblr and Flickr everyday!


Step 1: Cut out circles

beforeFrom the mobile pdf, choose the small or large circle and cut it out.

Trace that circle 20 times onto your craft paper (we used about 8-10 different patterned papers). Cut those out while watching your favorite movie or listening to some relaxing tunes!

Step 2: Score n’ fold

beforeHope you’re enjoying that movie!

Using your mobile pattern circle, fold on the dotted lines to make a triangle.

Using this triangle as a guide, score along the three sides of the triangle over each circle. Fold each side up. Do this for all 20 circles.

Step 3: Attach the photos

beforeAre you hungry now? All this cutting, scoring, and folding is hard work! Take a break and eat your favorite snack. Mmm, tasty!

Okie dokie, back to business. Now it starts to get a little more creative!

You can use your paper punch to punch shapes out of your triangles (just in the middle, not on the folded sides).

Tape or glue your photos into place behind the punch outs. Don’t throw out the punch outs…they will come in handy in a few more steps.

Step 4: Assemble the pieces

beforeWe are so close! Can you hardly wait to see the finished product?! So so so exciting!

Separate your triangles into two piles of 5 and one pile of 10. We are going to glue the top, bottom, and middle of the globe together separately and then piece those together. SO MUCH SIMPLER than it may look!

Arrange your 10 triangles in a straight row, alternating the pointed top, then flat top, pointed top, flat top, and so on.

Using your glue gun, glue those together (Elmer’s does not work well). When you have the straight line completed, finish by gluing the ends together to form a ring.

For the top and bottom pieces, glue the five pointed tops of the triangles together. When glued together, the top and bottom pieces will form peaks and will not sit flush with the table.

Step 5: Glue it all together!

beforeIs the suspense just killing ya? Now glue the top and bottom pieces to the middle ring.
You can also glue a wire loop to the top and/or bottom peaks so you are able to hang it from the mobile.

Hang it on your wire mobile (I purchased mine at an infant gift shop, but they are available at most craft stores).

I also made 2 other globes in various sizes (the pattern can be scaled to any size). Step back and smile :) Isn’t it such a creative and unique way to display your favorite photos? They also make great gifts!

Take it Further


  • Instead of using craft paper, use entire photos to make your 20 circles.
  • Make a Christmas tree topper using your favorite Christmas photos from years past to keep the memories alive.
  • String a garland with several smaller photo globes.
  • Create a baby nursery mobile using photos of mom, dad, grammie, granddad, etc.
  • Make birthday party photo globes using photos of the child’s life to tell a story and celebrate a new year!

Tutorial and photos by crafty crafter Emily Burnette.