Four Techniques For AddingCinematic Polish to Your Videos

We’ve found the secret to making your video footage downright moving! The (not so) secret, is moving your camera as you shoot.

The Mobislyder makes it easy to add dimension to your videos with pro level pans and epically smooth pulls.

This gizmo is a shrunken down version of the big ‘ol sliders used on movie sets.

It’s made of precision cut aluminum and fitted with an adjustable clamp to hold tight to any camera phone.

We’ve been having a ball with this gadget and are here to share our four fave techniques for adding professional polish to your next videographic masterpiece.

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Why It’s Cool

Moving your camera while you shoot gives your videos a more movie-like quality simply because that’s what the pros do when they’re making movies!

Use any (or all) of the following techniques to give your vids that Hollywood look, no matter where you’re filming.

Track the Action

With a simple left to right (or right to left) push, follow your subject across a scene.

The effect is subtle and feels very natural because a smooth pan is precisely how humans take in a scene when they’re watching through their eyeballs, not a camera.

PRO-TIP: To give your viewers the feeling of scanning the scene at eye level, mount your Mobislyder to a tripod like we did for this vid.

Surprise! Master the Reveal

When your camera is on the move, you get to control what part of the scene your viewers are privy to.

Just wait till you see what’s around this corner, over this fence, behind this pole…

The possibilities are endless.

PRO-TIP: Use your slide behind an obstruction to change up the scene. When you slide back to the action, you’ll give your viewers a surprise!

Movin’ on Up (or Down)

The tide does it, pogo sitcks do it, even see-saws do it. Let’s do it. Let’s go up and down!

A vertical slide lets you smoothly scan an object that’s too tall to fit in a single frame or follow action that’s changing in elevation.

PRO-TIP: Meld together tracking the action and the art of the reveal, like we did in this video!

Zoom to Focus

Lock the focus on a specific object then pull away or move in close to throw it out of focus.

With an iPhone you can lock the focus by tap-and-holding on your subject until the focus box pulses.

Locking the focus on Android phones varies from model to model. Google your phone model and “focus lock” to find out how it’s done.

PRO-TIP: The Mobislyder lets you move your phone very smoothly, more quickly than your auto focus can handle. Leave your phone in auto focus mode to see your subject lose focus, then snap back into focus as your AF catches up.

Taking It Further


  • Mount a Photojojo Cell Lens onto your phone to shoot video with a fisheye, telephoto, wide angle or even macro view.
  • Slide your camera diagonally for a fun if somewhat wonky look. Wonky can be good!
  • Tie a string to your Mobislyder to slide your phone during filming, while you’re in the shot! Our pal Margo did that in this video here.
  • Head over to the Photojojo Shop and learn everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the Mobislyder and more!