Foldio 2 is Here! Bigger and Brighter Than Ever.

Foldio, our favorite and only portable light studio, is back and reinvented. Bigger size, brighter lights, dimmable option and a diffuser. It is everything.

All the added goodness without added complication. Foldio 2 still folds flat and pops up easily. The even light and crisp backgrounds bring perfection to product shots, food blog photos, pictures of your pets, profesh manicure snaps and sooo much more.

Check out some fun examples of what people are doing with their Foldio, and tips on how to make the most of yours. Or, run to the shop and order your bigger brighter Foldio, now!


Work Your Moneymaker

Product photography can make or break a good online shop. Foldio gets you studio-quality shots in a jiffy! We contacted a few Foldio owners and discovered a lot of crafters, creators and overall cunning folk.

Renee James is a gemologist and jewelry designer who uses Foldio pretty exclusively in her shop. She took the photo of the ring up top there, and we’re so impressed with her stuff that we may just be rocking some new bling soon!


Denise Ossello let us know that her Etsy shop has great examples of how Foldio improved her shop. She’s got photos up of her cool pottery before and after Foldio entered her life.



Jennifer Mackling uses Foldio to showcase her sweet papercraft flowers. They look crisp, clean and incredibly well-lit.


beforeKristina Elle runs Harajuku Alien, a super fun shop that uses trippy backgrounds in a Foldio to show off jewelry and accessories. She’s even wearing Future Eyes on her landing page! We’re obviously BFFs.

Your New Office Mate

Foldio isn’t just great for small businesses, you can use it in your big ol’ corporate office too. Our pal Betsy Soler works for Albertson’s, the second largest grocery chain in the US. She uses Foldio for product shots that they post on social media. Check ‘em out on Instagram and Tumblr!

Product Photoing Tips

Getting studio-quality shots is a must If you run a shop, blog or work in any kind of retail. Here’s four of the best ways to make your products shine:

  • Eliminate distractions. Clean backgrounds help keep the eyes on your prize!
  • Get up close. Snag a macro shot of your product to highlight the detail. Use a macro lens and make sure you’ve got even lighting.
  • Scale your product. People want to know the size of your product and sometimes number measurements just don’t cut it. Snap a photo of your product with everyday objects like coins, rulers or Jelly Bellies to give the viewer a true sense of scale.
  • Take a lifestyle shot. Get your product out of the studio, just this once, and take its photo in its natural element.

Check out this article we wrote up for Etsy for much more detail on these tips.

We’re stoked to see what you all photograph with the larger size and brighter lights of Foldio 2! Be sure to #photojojo or @photojojo on IG so we won’t miss out on a single shot.

Photos by Renee James, Denise Ossello, Jennifer Mackling, Kristina Elle and Betsy Soler