FlipClips — Print Your Short Videos into Magical Flipbooks

FlipClips - Flipbooks from your video!If you bought your digital camera in the past few years, it’s got a mode that lets you take short video clips instead of photos.

But whereas you can print a photo, stick it onto a cupcake, get it made into a sketch for $1, or turn it into a calendar, what’s a body to do with all those 30 second video snippets?

Why, turn them into flipbooks, of course!

FlipClips takes your short video clips and prints them into little flipbooks. Just go to their site, upload a clip, choose a title and cover design, and $9 and 10 days later, you’ve got yourself a custom-made, full-color flipbook.



p.s. For a closer look, check out our jackrabbit-fast 40-second demo video.

Since FlipClips are best seen in motion, we thought we’d share this hyper-quick, quite nearly silent, video review. Enjoy!

Here’s the video we used to make this flipbook, shot in Sydney by Vimeo superstar, Tina Mosh: