Fantasy Urban Makeover, with Photoshop

Who hasn’t been stuck on a four-lane interstate from hell and bemoaned the death of the corner store, the small town, the narrow country road?

David Yoon didn’t moan, he did something about it.

Sort of.

Taking photos of multi-lane monstrosities all around Los Angeles, he wielded the power of Photoshop, and he narrowed LA.

With a stroke of a brush, gaping boulevards took on an agreeable charm. Chasm-like intersections, humbled by the mighty masking tool. You’ll be stunned what a change the width of a street can make to the character of a town.

Best, he made a video showing how he did it. Time to take your home city down a notch.

How David Yoon Makes the World Smaller
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We’ve gathered a few of our favorite examples of David’s work, along with a video he made of his process. For more, visit David’s blog, narrow streets los angeles.

How he did it