Fall Instagram Inspiration

We’re not sure what it is about autumn that makes us feel downright snap happy!

Maybe boots and sweaters just make us feel more poetic than flip-flops.

We know how quickly autumn’s colors fade, and we don’t want you and your lens to miss a minute of it.

So we’ve scoured Instagram for the season’s best hashtags to inspire you to trade in your lemonade for a latte, then get out there and capture fall in all it’s glory.

Fall in Love with the Season’s Most Inspiring Hashtags

why it’s cool

All Link and Henry David Thoreau had to do when their spirits were down was visit their magical ponds. Lucky punks.

We don’t have a magical pond, but we do have a whole internet full of inspiration.

We’re big fans of Instagram, and we especially love the efficiency of the hashtag. It’s a great tool when there’s a certain something we’re trying to capture, be it a subject, place or even a particular color. 

Pulling up a hashtag and spending time with other people’s work helps our photography to keep moving in a fresh direction. With 150 million users on Instagram you’re bound to find someone who makes you see things from a whole new angle.


beforeGrams and Pop-Pop used to take us for a scenic drive every fall, which was great until Pop-Pop started belting out Tom Jones, we ran out of cookies and our sister started poking us in the ribs.

These days we like take a gander at #LeafPeeping to enjoy the scenery without ever leaving our couch — or sharing our snacks.

When you head out to capture that leafy goodness for yourself, set your alarm clock to take advantage of that “golden hour” right after sunrise. Or, you could snuggle in for an extra 50 winks and hold out for those just-before-sunset rays.

FAIR GAME #CountyFair

beforeLife doesn’t hand us too many opportunities to capture swirling neon lights, deep-fried snack cakes and Nigerian Dwarf goats all in the same venue.

The #CountyFair might not be such a great place for watching your waistline, but it’s always a good place to grab some fun and fanciful photos.

Apps like Slow Shutter Cam (iPhone) and Camera FV-5 (Android) offer DSLR-like control over your shutter speed, giving you the best shot at getting your best shot of swirling and whirling rides during evening hours.


beforeIt was all we could do this summer to keep the tomatoes on our balcony alive, so we’re totally in awe of the work that real farmers put in every year.

Farmers all over the United States are reaping what they’ve sowed this time of year, and it’s a nifty thing to witness. All those golden #harvest hues are really pretty.

Don’t have access to your own agricultural landscape? Head to a corn mazes or apple-picking orchard, which give you full access to farm photo ops without the responsibility of keeping things alive.


The contrast of a ginormous floodlight against a clear night sky makes us happier than a backside defensive end on the sunny side of a scrape-exchange cutback.

OK, so we don’t know what that means (or if it means anything at all).

But we do know that a night at your favorite local sporting venue can make for some dramatic and dynamic photos. Check out #FridayNightLights for a quick pigskin fix.

Grab an iPhone Telephoto Lens to get right up in the action!

Taking It Further


Now that you’re totally inspired…
  • Pick out a nearby deciduous muse and take its pic at the same time every day. String the results together with your own hashtag — #JuliaFallsforFall2013, perhaps? — for an awesome time-lapse glimpse of fall.
  • Create a hashtag for your next event so your friends and family can share their pics from #BigJims4thAnnualJimboree, #WandaAndRoderickLeafTour13 or #TheHarveyFamilyCatInASweaterNationals. (Or possibly something like #SmithFamReunion, if your family is more normal than ours.)
  • Take some leaves home and make some chemical-free prints with your scanner.
  • Join us in sharing the fall-tography at #PhotojojoFall. We’ll be looking for your autumnal visions!

Big thanks to pde_; leahohh; hilldwellertom; Amber and her buddy Anubis; Annie Smith; Pocono Tourism; Mandy Cooke; Tiffany Cornwell; leahohh; and shazzwright for sharing their inspirational Instagram photos with us!