Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card:Move Photos Onto Your Phone, Wire Free!

Your camera is going to love this. It finally has its own way to play with that smartphone it sees you tapping on all day.

The new Eye-Fi Mobi SD Card gives your camera a wifi connection to your phone. Simply stick it in your camera to automatically send your photos to your phone, as you shoot!

The newest card from our pals at Eye-Fi is optimized to work with mobile devices. The set up process is simpler than ever, under 10 seconds on any iOS or Android tablet or phone.

Combine your DSLR’s best features (high quality optics and complete photo taking control) with your phone’s easy to use go-anywhere super duper editing skillz and sharing powers.

Your camera and your phone just became BBFL (best buds for life).

Check out the new Eye-Fi Mobi
$49.95 at the Photojojo Store

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