Excuse me, Do You Speak Digital Camera?

CameraDisplayOverlay_animat.gifAdjustable White Balance?

Exposure Compensation?

User Selectable Metering Modes?

Did you forget to show up for Digital Demystification 101?

Yeah, so did Photojojo.

Lucky for both of us, the fine lads at photonotes.org took notes and they’ve put together two amazing tools to help you figure out those tiny hunks of plastic and silicon.

Tool #1: Think of it as the Rosetta Stone for digital cameras. On a single page, you’ll see dozens upon dozens of camera screen symbols and their meanings. Don’t know what that square with the three squares stacked behind it means? Just scroll through the page until you see the icon that’s got your goat.

Tool #2: The photo terms dictionary. Look up “Dioptric adjustment”, the Rule of Thirds, or anything else that’s been vexing you. We bet our bottom dollar, it’s in there.

Digital Camera Symbols, Demystified!

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