Embroidered Photos

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Kids, home ec has never been this cool.

Use your sewing skills to give your photos some pizazz with colorful embroidery thread and you can bet that your granny will be proud of every stitch.

Embroidery gives your photos an extra kick of creativity. Plus, they make great DIY gifts and are the epitome of nana chic.

Sew, are we doing this or what?

Learn How to Make Your Own Embroidered Photos


Handmade is hip and what’s old is new again. Embroidering your photos will give them depth and a whole new look that is totally unique and personalised.



  • Embroidery Thread
  • Sewing Needle
  • Seam Ripper (or any sharp object to pierce tiny holes in your photo)
  • Foam Mat or Foam Mouse Pad
  • Scissors
  • Photos printed on thick paper or card stock

STEP 1: Plot Your Course

beforeLay your photo over a foam mat and use a seam ripper to poke small holes where you are going to thread the embroidery thread.

STEP 2: Prepare Tools

beforeThread embroidery thread through your needle and tie a knot at the end of the strand.

STEP 3: Thread

beforeStart stitching by threading through the holes you pricked earlier.

Look at you! You’re embroidering. :]

STEP 4: Finish Off

beforeWhen you have finished your stitches, neatly tie a knot at the back so that the thread doesn’t slip through the hole.

STEP 5: Repeat (if you so choose)

beforeRepeat process with as many colored threads as you want.

Taking It Further

  • Stitch two or more photos together
  • Use black and white photos and add colourful embroidery thread
  • Add sequins or buttons!
  • Embroider frames for your photos