Donnie Does Photoshop — Think Saturday Night Live + Photo Editing

We’ve seen our fair share of Photoshop tutorials, but when we came across this series of videos titled “You Suck at Photoshop”, we knew we were in for something different.

Join Donnie as he clone stamps self-deprecating snark while his wife airbrushes away his self-esteem. This spoof is worthy of SNL.

And be warned, though the intent is to amuse, you’re likely to pick up a Photoshop tip or two along the way.

(A real) ** Warning ** Some parts of Donnie’s tutorials may offend those with more refined sensibilities. If that could include you, please, don’t click through.

UPDATE: Now includes Donnie’s 11th episode!

Episode 1: The Van

Episode 2: Insert Carpet Stain

Episode 3: The Disappearing Ring

Episode 4: The Auction

Episode 5: The Vacation

Episode 6: The Boss

Episode 7: The Portrait

Episode 8: The Dream House

Episode 9: Tomatoes

Episode 10: Perspective

Episode 11: Ronnie