DIY Sunglasses Photo Frames

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Not many folks can pull off sunglasses indoors but we think your photos have what it takes.

Upcycle your old shades to create a totally stylin photo frame just in time for summer.

Any frames will do – in fact, the kookier the better.

Ready for some fun in the sun(glasses)? Come bright this way!

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Frame from Sunglasses


Never feel bad about broken or outdated sunglasses again. These frames are perfect for summer and give your photos a totally unique look.



  • Sunglasses, with the lenses removed
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Scrap Paper
  • Photo

STEP 1: Trace

before On your piece of scrap paper, trace the inside of the frame of your sunglasses. Make sure to keep this as close as perfect as possible.

STEP 2: Cut Out

beforeCut just outside the line you have drawn. Then make sure your paper shapes fit into your frames.

If they don’t, adjust your template. If they do, you may proceed to step 3.

STEP 3: Now With Your Photo

beforeUsing the template you created in step 2, trace the lens shape onto your photo and cut it out.

STEP 4: Frame

beforeSlide your photo into your sunglasses frames.

The sunglasses should already have a slot (where the lenses went) for your photo to sit, but if you are struggling to get it sitting neat and flat, dab a bit of craft glue on the inside of the frame and secure any spots that aren’t quite fitting right.

Taking It Further

  • Use one lens frame to write a message
  • Frame your sunglasses frames in a shadow box. Oooh meta…
  • Instead of using just one photo for each lens, make a collage of photos.