DIY Roundup: Photo Gifts for Mom

Your mom is the best! So her gift this Mother’s Day should be just as incredible as she is, right?

Right! And the best part is, you don’t have to look far for the perfect present. You can easily make it out of some of those gorgeous pics you’ve been taking.

(All you need is to channel your inner craft-machine!)  

So we’ve put together a list of DIY Photo Gifts that are sure to put a huge smile on your mom’s face.

Happy Mom’s Day, moms!

10 DIY Photo Gifts for Mom 


When your Mother’s Day gift is made out of your very own photos, it’s extra super duper special and heartfelt. Plus it’ll give your mom a chance to show off how talented her kid is. (Because c’mon, she loves bragging about you. And who could blame her!)


beforeEngineer Prints are already super pretty all on their own.

But just ’cause you don’t have to do anything to make ’em awesome doesn’t mean some embellishments aren’t really fun!

Embellish Your Engineer Prints


beforeA pocket-sized photo album that fits right into your mom’s purse? Perfect!

Now she can show off her gorgeous family to all of her pals, no matter where she is.

Make a Family Photo Album


beforeTurn your face into a photo piñata!

And remind Mom that’s it’s okay to break it open. After all, she puts up with a lot (and this is a great stress reliever!).

Make A Photo Piñata
And Then Break It!



Make Mom a photo display that’s as simple as it is beautiful.

And if you’re not feeling particularly crafty? Grab a Photo Chain from our shop! It’s just as pretty and Mom will love it.

Make a Photo Clip Garland


beforeWanna put your photos on pillows? Or towels? Or basically anything else?

Now you can! The Inkodye kit gives you everything you need. Yay!

Make Photo Fabric Magic


beforeThis itty bitty gift packs a LOT of love!

Help Mom decorate her fridge with adorable lil’ magnets made from your photos.

Make Super Simple Photo Magnets 


beforeMom won’t need to water these lovely flowers to keep ’em alive.

Turn your photos into a pretty vase of flowers. They’ll be in bloom all year long!

Make Pretty Photo Flowers


beforeSo you know those cute lil’ dinos you get with every Photojojo order?

Well, you can easily turn them into the most adorable photo stands ever!

Make Dino Photo Holders


beforeMake a gift for Mom that’s not only cute but tasty, too!

Turn photos into lollipops and Mom’s sweet tooth will thank you.

Yum! Make a Photo Lolli

#10: Photos Into Watercolor Paintings

beforeMake Mom into a gorgeous work of art by turning an average photo into a stunning watercolor painting!

(And nah, you don’t actually have to know how to paint. That’s the cool part.)

Make A Photo Painting

Taking it further


  • Set up a date to make a photo craft project together. There’s nothing like the gift of quality time!
  • Give the gift of your talent! Mom would love a coupon for a photo session with the whole family (she really should update that 10 year old family pic above the mantle).
  • Not feeling crafty? Grab her a gift from the Photojojo Shop.