DIY: Photo Surprise Easter Eggs

What came first? The chicken or the chocolate egg? We don’t know but we do know what came next. You!

Surprise a friend as they bite into an Easter egg by hiding a photo on the inside.

All you need for this surprise are some chocolate eggs, a little chocolate surgery and a photo of yourself in your Easter best.

Put on those bunny ears and hop this way for chocolate surprise fun times.

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Surprise Easter Eggs

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Easter eggs meet fortune cookies and your face is the star of the show. What’s not cool about this?



  • Chocolate Easter Eggs
  • Extra Chocolate, for melting
  • Camera or Camera Phone and Printer
  • A sharp non-serrated knife
  • A cup of boiling water

STEP 1: Selfie

before Take some silly photos of yo’self looking bunny-tastic* then print. Write a little message too for extra fun times.

*Just a suggestion, but we strongly advise you wear bunny ears.

STEP 2: Slice

beforeWarm the blade of your knife up by dipping it in a cup of boiling water.

VERY carefully, slice the chocolate eggs in half right on the seam around the middle.

STEP 3: Melt

beforeIn the microwave or in a double boiler, melt the extra chocolate and set aside.

STEP 4: Photo


Place your photo in one half of the egg.

STEP 5: Dip

beforeDip the rim of the other half into the melted chocolate you prepared earlier, then press the two halves together to close up the egg again. Surgery completed.

STEP 6: Crack

beforeWatch your friends’ faces as they crack open their egg to!

Taking It Further


  • Hide an egg containing your hidden photo into a larger egg. Double surprise.
  • Wrap eggs with a photo of your face.
  • Why limit yourself to eggs only? Hide your photo inside a chocolate bunny!
  • Cut up a larger photo and add the pieces into multiple eggs. Easter egg photo hunt!
  • Fill your chocolatey treat with a teeny gift. Tiny Phone Lenses perhaps?