DIY: Photo Shake Notebooks

This is the year you get organized. You’re gonna need a notebook for to-do’s and goal lists.

But not just any ol’ notebook … a fun photo notebook with pix on the cover that move when you shake ’em!

Keep organized and show off your happy snaps at the same time by giving any notebook a makeover using photos, confetti and a bit of cellophane.

Say no to boring this year and shake things up with a fun new notebook covered in photos (that move around).

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Shake Notebooks


Not only do Photo Shake Notebooks combine your love of photography and staying organized. They make awesome DIY gifts for friends, are a cool way to display snaps and can be themed as easy as pie. Well, as easy as picking photos of pie for a recipe journal.



  • Wrapping Paper
  • Cellophane Wrap
  • Colored Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Small Photos
  • Glitter or Confetti
  • A Notebook in need of some love

STEP 1: Cut

beforeCut a piece of wrapping paper to be just larger than double your notebook.

STEP 2: Fold and Tape

beforeNeatly fold over the vertical side of the paper to wrap around your notebook. And tape it down.

STEP 3: Now the other sides

beforeCut slits at the top and bottom of the paper right where the spine of the book is then fold over the corners diagonally.

You can now fold over the horizontal sides of the paper to wrap around your notebook. Tape them down.

STEP 4: Wrap

beforeWrap all sides in this way until all sides are folded and taped, fitting snugly around the notebook.

STEP 5: Cello Time

beforeRepeat the wrapping process with the cellophane but this time leave one of the sides at the front of the notebook open.

Oh, and don’t worry too much about how messy it may look on the inside. We’ll fix this up in just a tick.

STEP 6: Fill

beforeInsert as many little photos as you want and finish off with some glitter. ‘Cuz everything is better sparkly.

STEP 7: Close it up

beforeFold over and tape down the last side of cellophane to seal in the goodies.

STEP 8: Finish

beforeFinish off the insides of your notebook by using double sided tape to stick a piece of card stock down on the inside panel of the notebook. This will prevent any bits from coming undone and cover up the messy-ness.

STEP 9: Shake Shake Shake

beforeGive your notebook a celebratory shake. You’re done!

Taking It Further


  • Make little cards by wrapping photos printed on card stock in cellophane and filling them with glitter or confetti
  • Cover the lid of a box in the same way to make a photo or memory box
  • Use colored cello or textured paper. Anything goes.