DIY: Photo Piñatas

Have you ever wondered why piñatas are exclusively reserved for fiestas and strange colorful animals?

Well that’s not the case anymore, amigos! Allow us to introduce Photo Piñatas.

Turn your friends’ faces into awesome candy-filled piñatas for sweet personalized gifts.

You don’t need to wait for Cinco de Mayo, photo piñatas are fit for every occasion.

Need to say you’re sorry? Hard-to-buy-for-friend’s birthday? Father’s day? Proposing? Photo Piñatas for everyone!


Learn How to Make Photo Piñatas


Your friends will love having their faces immortalized on a piñata that is just the right size for their personal stash of candy. Who is the ultimate friend? You are.



  • White Card Stock
  • Crepe Paper Streamers
  • Masking Tape
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Ruler
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Candy and confetti to fill your box
  • Photo as large as the front of your box

STEP 1: Cut

beforeIf you’re feeling confident at your geometry skillz, you can cut your rectangles at any dimension.

For the rest of us, measure and cut two 8” squares and four 3” by 8” rectangles out of the white cardstock.

STEP 2: Tape

beforeLay one of the square pieces of cardstock in the middle and tape the four smaller rectangles to its sides to make a cross.

STEP 3: Gettin it 3D

beforeFold each side up and tape corners.

This is starting to look like a real box, right?

STEP 4: Candy Time!

beforePut all the candy and confetti you can fit into the box.

Why don’t you help yourself to a lollipop? You’ve been working hard.

STEP 5: Put a lid on it

beforeTape the remaining square to the top of the box to make your lid. Goodbye candy.

STEP 6: Cut

beforeTrim your photo to the same size as the front of your piñata (8×8″ in our case). Then cut it evenly into 1″ strips.

Yep, just like that.

STEP 7: Fringe

beforeStick a strip of double sided tape neatly along the top edge on the back of your photo strips. Then stick them onto crepe paper streamers.

Fringe time! Cut even, thin strips from the bottom up to just before the edge of the double sided tape. Continue along until the entire strip is fringed.

STEP 8: Stick

beforeStick each fringed strip to the front of your box to put your photo back together again, just like a puzzle.

It is easiest to start from the bottom up.

Taking It Further


  • Get creative with the dimensions. Make smaller cubed photo piñata boxes or go huge and make them life-size
  • Take photos of your friend’s head (no, don’t tell them why) from all sides to make a ‘3D’ photo piñata
  • If the gift is for a couple, mesh their faces together by alternating strips of each one’s face