DIY Photo Mobile

Remember that time you went to the beach and took a zillion polaroids and picked up some sea glass and coral?

Go grab those things and throw together this awesome boho photo mobile!

It’s completely personalised art made from your photos and trinkets.

Those rocks? Hang it up! That stack of photos? You know what to do. That bunny? Umm, put him down and follow us!

Learn How To Make Your Own Boho Photo Mobile


You can use anything lying around and make your mobile fit your own style. Bonus, you get to make room in your drawers and make your walls look fab.



  • A twig/small branch
  • String
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Photos (bonus points for instax prints)
  • A collection of found things

Step 1: Cut That String

beforeCut a few pieces of string at random lengths.


Step 2: Tape It Together

beforeTape the backs of the photos to the string to fix them into place. Alternatively, you can use little clips to secure them to the string.

Oh, and make sure you leave enough string at the top to tie it to the twig in a minute.

Step 3: Tie It Up

beforeOkay, time to get these photo strings to the twig. Just tie each one to said twig and make a little knot to keep ’em in place.

Step 4: Add Stuff

beforeThis is the fun part. Grab some things that are lying around and get your embellish on!

Step 5: Hang Time

beforeTo get this baby on the wall, cut a length of string (about 1.5 times the length of your stick) and tie each end to your twig at opposite ends.

Nail a hook into the wall, and hang her up!



  • Make a tiny photo mobile!
  • Not really a tree person? Use a copper pipe, clothes hanger, or broomstick instead
  • Print your photos on fabric