DIY: Photo Confetti

Nothing says it’s your party and you’ll confetti all you want to like photo confetti.

You can easily turn any photo into confetti. And yes, by any photo, we totally mean a photo with you and your friends’ faces all over it.

Because everyone deserves personalized confetti.

*Insert confetti emoji* x 1000

This way party people!

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Confetti


Photo confetti is not only guaranteed to turn any gathering into a party but you can put your own face all over it if you want. Try and beat that, regular confetti.



  • Scissors
  • Hole Punch
  • Glitter or Brightly Colored Paper
  • Glue Stick
  • Photos printed out (see step 1 for details)

STEP 1: Photos

Select photos that you would like to print and confettify.

For the hole punch method, you need to print your photos really tiny (about 1 inch wide). Group photos work really well here as you get a lot more faces for your buck.

For the scissor method, you can keep photos any size – patterns and details work best.

STEP 2: Stick

beforeWith the glue stick, paste your photos on the back of the colored or glitter paper so that the backs are looking as awesome as the fronts.

Method 1: Hole Punch

beforeUsing your hole punch, punch little circles around the photo you would like to turn into confetti. Aim to get one or two faces max fitting on each piece of confetti for best results.

Oh hi there confetti friends!

Method 2: Scissors

beforeWarning: This is probably the most fun you will ever have with scissors.

Just randomly chop up your photo into strands and shards of confetti. There is no wrong way here – just let the confetti speak to you and tell you when it is done.

Taking It Further


  • Decorate gift tags and cards with your photo confetti. It literally makes anything better.
  • Instead of sticking glitter paper to the back of your photos, print another photo on the back. Double trouble!
  • Remember these? Use photo confetti instead of regular photos!