DIY Photo Clip Garland

Laundry is a bore – why not get crafty with those clothespins instead? Transform them into a charming Photo Clip Garland!

Your photos deserve to be displayed for the world to see, and this garland is here to take care of just that.

With a little knowhow, you can whip up a photo clip garland quicker than your washing machine can complete a spin cycle.

The awesome bit? Clothespins make changing up the photos a snap!

Learn How to Make Your Own Photo Clip Garland


Photo clip garlands are interchangeable in a jiffy, and give your photos just the attention they deserve. And of course this is total DIY gift material, wouldn’t you say?



  • Clothespins
  • Cardstock
  • Wrapping paper with a motif you can cut out
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • Glue Stick
  • String

STEP 1: Tie

before Cut a piece of string as long as you would like your garland to be then tie up the back bit of each of the clothespins, making sure they are evenly spaced out along the piece of string.

STEP 2: Stick

beforeStick a small piece of double sided tape on the front of each clothespin (this should be opposite the side that is tied up).

STEP 3: Cut

beforeRoughly cut around the edges of the cutest bits of your wrapping paper, the animals/flowers/patterns that will perch on your pins.

Don’t worry about making it perfect as you will be cutting it out carefully in just a tick.

STEP 4: Reinforce

beforeGlue the pieces you just cut out onto your cardstock.

STEP 5: Cut

beforeNow, cut out the motif very neatly around the edges.

STEP 6: Stick

beforeRemove the protective layer from the double sided tape and stick down a decorative tidbit onto each clothespin.

Find a blank wall to tape or tie your Photo Clip Garland to and start clipping up them snaps.

Taking It Further


  • Use buttons to decorate your clothespins
  • Ditch the string and stick some magnetic tape on the back of the clothespins to keep your photos clipped on the fridge
  • Use paperclips instead of clothespins