DIY: Paper Bag Scrap Book

Sure paper bags are alright for carrying lunches.. but what they’re GREAT for is making scrap books!

Show off your photo prints on the pages of a Paper Bag Scrap Book while keeping any loose bits and bobs together inside the page pockets. Yup, the pages totally have pockets!

Best of all these are dirt cheap to make and strung together in just a couple of minutes.

Go on, unleash your inner bag lady and take filling the pages to a whole new level!

Learn How to Make Your Own Paper Bag Photo Books


Paper Bag Scrap Books are made from materials easily found around the home. They’re awesome for showing off your photos, are super quick to make and will keep your prints, ticket stubs, extra special chocolate wrappers and other memories organised. Did we mention pockets? Pockets!



  • Brown Paper Bags, we used sandwich bags
  • Hole Punch
  • Scissors
  • Double Sided Tape
  • String
  • 2 pieces of plain cardstock that will fit inside the bags
  • A selection of photos and other bits and pieces to stick in your book

STEP 1: Punch

beforeStack your bags together as thick as you want your book to be then punch 2-3 holes on the left side of the bags where the spine will be bound in a minute.

You may need to do a few bags at a time, but make sure they all align perfectly.

STEP 2: String it Together

beforeLoop string through the holes you just punched to bind the spine of your book together.

STEP 3: Insert

beforeSlide the plain cardboard pieces into the front and back pockets of your paper bag book. These will harden your covers and give your book some structure.

STEP 4: Stick, Slide, Superfuntimes

beforeUsing the double sided tape, stick a photo on the front of your book and start decorating the pages of your paper bag book!

We told you this one was easy!

Taking It Further


  • Instead of using paper bags – try making a photo book with envelopes
  • Use colourful tape to bind your book instead of string
  • Put a hard cover around your book for extra fancy-points