DIY No Frame Photo Display Ideas

No money? No frame? No worries.

Display your photos by using cheap everyday supplies from around the house.

Your photos will look a million bucks and you’ll save dough, yo.

Come with us and you’ll never look at a box or a jar the same way again!

Frame Your Photos Without Frames

Idea 1: Jar It

beforeMake like your granny and save your empty jam jars (we’ll wait for you to finish your toast).

Give it a rinse and pat dry then turn upside down, pop in a photo, screw the lid back on and ta-da!

You got yourself a photo ready to be displayed.

Idea 2: Box ‘Em

beforeTurns out box lids of any size make pretty awesome frames.

Just cut a photo to size and stick down with double sided tape.

Best of all, some box lids will stand up by themselves so no wall mounting required.

Idea 3: Wishy Washi Frames

beforeIs there anything washi tape can’t do?

Tape along the edges of your photo for an easily removable DIY ‘frame’.

Idea 4: Twine Time

beforePunch holes directly into your photo, tie the ends of a piece of twine around each hole and hang from a hook on the wall.

Bonus points for colorful striped twine.



  • Add other bits and pieces to your jars for a little time capsule take on idea 1
  • You can make a shadow box in a lid – follow instructions for idea 2, add something 3D and Bob’s your uncle
  • Instead of washi tape, use copper tape or fabric tape for extra fancy times with idea 3