DIY: Make E-Z Photo Ornament Greeting Cards

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Store-bought holiday cards will be shaking in their envelopes.

We’ve got a DIY recipe for turning your photos into holiday cards that double as ornaments.

That’s right. Your photos won’t just deliver your written warm wishes and witticisms, but they’ll decorate trees (and doorknobs and rear view mirrors), too!

Bust out your camera ’cause this is the year your photos pull double holiday duty!

Make Photo Ornament Greeting Cards

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Why ’tis the season for cool cards:

ingred-smEvery holiday season, a mass of cards are bought in bulk from stores and sent out to loved ones, wishing them all the best for the season. Once the holidays are over, many of them end up in recycling bins. [sad face!]

Combining the best wishes of a greeting card with the keepsake value of an ornament gives you a card that will be kept instead of tossed!

Plus, it’ll leave your rad artsy Auntie talking about your creative skills for years.

The nice ingredients list:


  • Your favourite Christmas ornaments
  • Scissors
  • Glue or double-sided tape
  • A hole-punch
  • Colourful string or ribbon
  • A digital camera

Step 1 – Immortalize your favourite ornament:

paper-sm Dig out your favourite ornament and photograph it on a solid-colour background. Using a solid background will make it easier to cut out the ornament later.

Step 2 – Flip it around and print:

paint-sm You will need to make two copies of every ornament picture. The first was just as you photographed it in Step 1. Since you’ll be putting these together in a card, with a front and a back, you need to flip the image horizontally to make the back side of the card.

In Photoshop, go Image > Image Rotation > Flip Canvas Horizontal. Print both copies of the image.

Step 3 – Trim the tree ornament

paint-smUsing your trusty pair of scissors, cut out the shape of the ornament, removing all traces of the background.

Step 4 – One row of glue

paint-smLine up the front and back of the card, then using glue or double-sided tape, stick the sheets together at the top or side of the card.

Step 5 – Make it holey

paint-smUsing a hole punch, cut a hole in the top of the photos. Then, using a coloured string or ribbon, make a loop that will serve to hold the ornament on a tree.

Step 6 – Stamp it with love

paint-smCarefully make a crease along the line of glue or tape.

Then, personalize your ornamental creation with messages of well-wishes and love. You’ll not only see your handwork on your love ones’ tree this year, but you’ll see it next year and the year after that, too!

Step 7 – Send it!

paint-smPop your crafty card into an envelop and send it off to someone you love.

Then it’s just a matter of waiting for it to show up on their tree!

Deck the halls with more ideas


  • Test out your origami chops and make your ornament go 3D
  • If your photolab carries it, ask for metallic paper (also known as “pearl paper”) for an added layer of shine built right in.
  • Make ornaments out of cherished pet photos or pictures of old cameras. Anything can be made into an ornament!