DIY: Make a Scarf Camera Strap (It’s Chilly Out There!)

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What’s incredibly soft, keeps you warm, and spends its days around your neck?

A) Your cat, Harold. B) A plush dolphin travel neck pillow. C) Solid gold bling. D) Your new favorite DIY camera strap.

If you answered D, you win! Because that’s what this tutorial is all about: how to make a DIY scarf camera strap.

It’s the warmest, most colorful and winter-friendly strap your camera’s ever met.

Our pal Stacie Grissom just so happens to be a leading authority on scarf camera straps. That’s why we asked her to put together this how-to just for you.

Why Silk Scarves Make Excellent Straps:

Here’s the backstory from Stacie:

Why silk you ask? Well, did you know that a silk rope is stronger than a steel cable? (Seriously! Believe it.) Silk is just too expensive to manufacture in those industrial quantities.

My little brother also told me this story about silk that he heard on Mythbusters:

Mongolian warriors used to wear silk shirts underneath their armor. When they were shot with arrows in battle, the silk wouldn’t break. That made it easier to remove the arrow from the wounded warrior’s flesh without digging around too much and causing more damage. (Sorry for the gross image.)

So the whole silk strength discussion with my brother got me thinking. If a silk shirt can protect a Mongolian warrior, then a silk scarf can totally support the weight of my cameras. So I made a camera strap from a scarf!

What You’ll Need:


  • A silk scarf or cut fabric; 60″ long (Surprisingly affordable!)
  • 2 key rings (Sturdier the better)
  • Scissors
  • Chalk
  • Needle and thread
  • Leather, pleather, or ribbon (optional)

Step 1 – Measure it out

paper-smPick a scarf, any scarf. Patterns are nice, but hey, how about this solid colored one? Your choice! You can even go to a fabric store, and have a custom piece cut for you.

Now, put your scarf or piece of fabric on around your neck as if you were going to wear it like a camera strap.

Use your piece of chalk to mark where you want the strap to meet your camera.

Then, mark about an inch and a half below that. (You need to have room to stitch the bottom of the scarf up.)

Step 2 – Cut Along the Lines

Cut along the bottom line that you made.

Step 3 – Add the Key Rings

paint-smSlip the end of each scarf into a respective key ring.

You’re going to sew these guys in place with some needle and thread. Leave about an inch of wiggle room between the key ring and where you sew the fabric down.

It’s a short way to go, so you can do this by hand pretty quickly.

If this is your first time handling needle and thread, here’s a little guide.

If you have a sewing machine, all the quicker!

Step 4 – Spruce Up Your Strap (Optional)

This part is just a little added flare to make your strap look more finished. So, it’s optional.

You’ll be making two little tubes to slip over the end of each strap. If you’re advanced with sewing, try something sharp like leather (or pleather). Sew two little tubes as pictured.

If you’re not into sewing leather, you can make a tube out of ribbon by hand stitching two ends of the ribbon together.

Slip one tube over the each end of your strap, and sew it in place (so it doesn’t fall off!).


Step 5 – Wear and Be Admired

paint-smAttach your strap to your camera via the key rings, and there you have it.

Now wear it, and let the compliments roll in.

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Stacie Grissom is a DIY-er and photography-lover who runs Stars for Streetlights, a blog about crafts, fashion, and photography.