DIY: Fringed Photo Cupcake Toppers

There is only one thing better than a cupcake with sprinkles… a cupcake with sprinkles AND a personalized cupcake topper. That’s a fact.

Yes friends, store bought toppers are like, so 2001.

We’ll show you how you can turn your photos into fun fringed cupcake toppers.

Dig out the scissors, print out some photos, frost and sprinkle your cupcakes, and let’s get fringing!


The great thing is that you can really go anywhere with this.

It’s your party and you’ll put your face on all the cupcakes? Grab those selfies and go for it, if you want to.

In the mood for summer? Beach photos!

Oh, how about the thousands of sunset snaps you are hoarding on your phone? You know what to do…


  • Photos sized about 1” tall x 1.5” wide (printed double sided if possible)
  • Scissors
  • Skinny double sided tape
  • Toothpicks
  • Cupcakes, frosted and sprinkled

STEP 1: Tape


Stick a strip of double sided tape neatly along the bottom edge on the back of your photo.

STEP 2: Cut


Cut even, thin strips from the top of the photo to just before the edge of the double sided tape.

Continue cutting until the entire photo is fringed.

STEP 3: Get Ready to Roll


Remove the protective layer from the double sided tape and place the top of a toothpick at the edge of the photo.

STEP 4: And we’re Rollin’


Roll photo around the toothpick tightly and evenly until you get to the other end.

Press firmly at the edge so that there are no flappy bits, and the end is stuck down smoothly.

STEP 4: Zhoozh


Carefully fluff the fringe to create volume, until your topper looks ready to party.

STEP 5: Voila


Stick one or more toppers into a frosted cupcake and watch your friends exclaim their love for you.

Taking It Further


  • Roll multiple photos onto a toothpick (or even a satay stick) to create mega layered toppers.
  • Make your toppers shine by using a metallic paper at the back instead of double siding your photos
  • Use different parts of the same photos to make a set of toppers that all work together