DIY: Flat Pack Cacti

Hey plant murderers, listen up.

You have officially killed your last plant because we are about to show you how to make a photo cactus garden that requires absolutely no attention.

Go put away that watering can and please stop singing to your sad looking ferns. Making a flat pack cactus garden is as simple as snapping a few photos and snipping some card board.

If you are space challenged or just have a black thumb, flat pack cacti pricks – we mean ticks – all the boxes.

Learn How to Make Your Own Flat Pack Cactus Garden


Let’s face it, not everyone has a green thumb. And not everyone has a perfectly sunny balcony to cultivate plants. Flat pack cacti are un-killable and can be packed away in a flash to clear up room.

Did we mention that a flat pack cactus garden makes a fantastic DIY gift?  They are perfectly flat and practically begging to be mailed to everyone you know.



  • White Card Stock
  • Scissors
  • Photos of potted cacti 
    (or download our cacti here)
  • Adhesive paper or a glue stick

STEP 1: Stick

beforePrint your photos of cacti onto adheisive paper if you’ve got it and regular paper if you don’t.

Team Adhesive paper: Remove the protective layer from adhesive paper and stick your photos down onto cardstock.

Team Regular: Just stick them down using a glue stick but make sure you put glue right to the edges. Dog ears are never a good look.

STEP 2: Snip

beforeNeatly cut out your cactus all around the edges. You should now have a sturdy little 2D cactus. Oh, and make sure you have a flat edge at the bottom or your cactus will struggle to stand up.

STEP 3: Foot

beforeMeasure and cut a rectangle from the cardstock that is the same width as the bottom of your cactus and about 0.5” high.

STEP 4: Slit

beforeRight in the middle of this rectangle, cut a thin slit that goes from the top of the card to halfway down.

Now cut a slit the exact same size and height from the middle of the bottom edge of your cactus.

STEP 5: Assemble

beforeConnect the rectangular foot and cactus by lining up the slits and slotting them into each other. From the top, it should look like a cross.

Stand your little guys up and sit back. You are officially done taking care of this plant.

Taking It Further


  • Use your cacti as cute gift tags that can be displayed afterwards
  • ‘Grow’ your cactus garden as big as you want. Make 20 cactus pots or 100
  • Now that you know how to make flat things stand up – go crazy! Make 2D versions of vases, trees, tea cups, even people!