DIY Clay Camera Tags

Cherries go on cake, chocolate fudge on ice cream and camera tags on awesome gifts.

Camera tags are the gift (wrap) that keeps on giving. Long after the gift has been unwrapped and forgotten, this tag will live on.

They are simple to make and will impress your photo mad friends before they’ve even opened the gift.

Ready to be a wrap rockstar? Follow us.

Learn How to Make Your Own Camera Tags


A camera tag will not only make any gift better but that bag or spare hook on your wall will look at least twice as good with one hanging from it. Results guaranteed.



  • Air Dry Clay
  • Non-serrated knife
  • Rolling Pin
  • Chopstick/Skewer
  • Twine
  • Template

STEP 1: Let’s Rock’n’Roll

before Using the rolling pin, roll out the clay evenly to about a quarter of an inch thickness.

STEP 2: Slice


Cut the shapes on the template sheet, lay them down on the clay and slice around each one carefully.

Shortcut: If you happen to have a shot glass lying around, use it to stamp out the circular lens shape. E-Z.

STEP 3: Assemble

beforeAssemble your camera and press down gently. You want all the layers to stick together but not warp the shape.

STEP 4: Pierce


Use the chopstick to make a hole through which you can thread the twine when it is dry.

STEP 5: Step Away

beforeLeave in a cool spot until completely dry. This could take up to an entire day so read the instructions on your clay packet carefully. Then follow them!

STEP 6: Hang Time

beforeThread your twine and tie ends together tightly. Hang camera/mini polaroid tags everywhere.

Taking It Further


  • Use the templates to cut camera shapes out of sugar cookie dough. Bake and assemble using royal icing
  • Paint/glitter/foil your camera tags if you’re feeling extra fancy
  • See what other cameras you can create by simplifying the shapes and flattening
  • Stamp names into your tags using small alphabet stamps