DIY Camera Wrap Bag

We know your camera is your favorite toy so why put in in a lame generic bag?

Show your camera (or phone) a little love and make it a totally rad wrap bag to keep it protected and looking great while off duty.

Get that glassy look off your face! We promise this requires only the teensiest bit of sewing.

PLUS as pay-off you get to customize it with any fabric/strap combo you choose.

Cats? Sequins? DO IT!

Learn How to Make Your Own Camera Wrap Bag


It’s a camera bag that wraps around the body of your camera while you use the camera’s own strap to carry it. Camera = Protected + Stylin’



  • Fabric of your choosing – go for hardy fabrics that won’t fray too much such as canvas and faux leather
  • Felt – for the inside of your bag
  • A ribbon or some rope to use as a wrap-around closure
  • Fabric Scissors
  • Double Sided Hem Tape (like this)
  • Pins
  • Sewing Machine (or if you’re more the hand sewing type some cotton thread and sewing needle is perfectly fine)
  • Template – reduced/enlarged in size based on the size of your camera

STEP 1: Cut


Pin your template to fabric and cut out your two pieces.

A T-shape for the outer, and comfy felt L-shaped piece for the inner.

STEP 2: Sew Outer


Referring to the template, you want to sew together the edges of side A to A, B to B etc – with their right sides facing each other.

You may want to pin all sides together before sewing so that you can get a visual understanding of where each side needs to go.

This is the trickiest bit so once you get past the this step it’s all downhill, pinky promise!

STEP 3: Sew Inner

beforeYou have now mastered the sewing! So quickly repeat step 2 using the felt.

STEP 4: Flip it

beforeCheck you out! You have totally made 2 super awesome bags!

Flip the outer bit inside out so that the right sides are showing outward.

The inner bit can stay inside out because we want to hide the sewn edges.

STEP 5: Tape

beforeUsing the double sided hem tape (what an amazing invention right?) tape a strip all around inside edge of the outside bag.

This will stick your inner to outer so if you’re not sure where to tape, have a look where the two bags overlap.

STEP 6: Slide

beforeSlide the inner into the outer bag, remove protective layer from the double sided tape and stick the top edges of the two layers together.

STEP 7: Sew close

beforeUse a few stitches to sew a piece of ribbon or rope to the inside of the top flap of your bag.

STEP 8: That’s a Wrap

beforeGo grab your camera (or phone in a Rangefinder Case with a strap) and place it inside the bag so that it is sitting snugly within the felt inside bit.

Pull over the flap between your camera’s strap and wrap the ribbon or rope all around.

Taking It Further


  • Stamp or draw your own design on the fabric using textile paint or markers
  • Want more protection? Reinforce the walls between the inner and outer bits with cardboard or another layer of felt
  • Now that your camera has an awesome bag, make it an equally awesome strap to match